Welcome to my photo page. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy taking them.

I got started in photography when my children became involved in sports, dance recitals, and just about anything else they did. As they grew and my skills improved, my equipment needs evolved to needing "bigger and better". Other people started asking me to take photos of their children and my hobby quickly turned in to a job. I guess they thought I knew what I was doing since I had all that "stuff".

I love what I do and I enjoy being able to provide an affordable product that people like. I do not have a particular area of focus. My portfolio contains everything from sports, to dance, to senior photo's, weddings, dogs, and anything else that gets my attention. I guess I could be classified as an "outdoor" photographer. I prefer Mother Nature's backdrop to studio settings.

Twelve years plus and I have not lost my interest in my hobby so I guess I will keep on clicking away. This page is a work in progress so visit often and see what else I have learned.

Enough about me now, I hear the camera store calling.

Jason D.